Conheça nossa história, nossos valores, e nossa equipe.

Our history

Founded in 1996, MCM Montagens Industriais is an engineering company focused on integrated and innovative solutions in industrial electromechanical assembly and maintenance operating all over Brazil. We provide services to many industrial segments such as cement and lime, food, packaging, textile, chemical and petrochemical, automotive, offshore, oil and gas, pulp and paper and infrastructure.

Over 20 years of experience have made MCM a national reference in industrial services. We develop important projects of implementation, expansion, modernization and maintenance in industries throughout Brazil. It has inherited the know-how of more than 45 years of operation of Grupo Intercept, one of the largest construction engineering groups in Brazil.

The essence of MCM is the accuracy and standardized we put into our projects respecting the characteristics and the size of each and everyone of them.

Based in Escada – PE, near Suape Industrial Complex, MCM also has an Operations Center, a logistics unit with an area of ​​over 50,000m², focused on the storage, shipping, manufacturing, maintenance and distribution of its equipment, devices and machines. It has a fleet of cranes, munck trucks and trailers that meet the most varied loads and working conditions.

MCM strives for the excellence of its services, for that, besides the material and technological resources, invests in the continuous development of its workers, constantly conducts training for the technical improvement of its employees.


A piece of our history

MCM CONSTRUCTIONS AND ASSEMBLY was founded on July 9th, on PE - 28 Highway at Cabo de Santo Agostinho on the state of Pernambuco. . The company was specialized in industrial electromechanical assembly and maintenance.
The first Annual MCM Leadership Convention took place in December 1999 and was attended by shareholders, directors, managers and technical staff. The time was to discuss the actions, and set goals for the coming year.
Wartsila Work - Assembly of two thermoelectric plants in the cities of Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Petrolina on the state of Pernambuco.
Until then, MCM had not reached remote locations. In 2003 with the Videolar contract, MCM worked in its first logistics and execution challenge in Manaus, on the north region of Brazil, with limited material and human resources, requiring strong and concise logistics planning.
MCM Earns ISO 9001, and International Quality Certificate.
Mechanical Manufacturing and Assembly of storage tanks.
Mechanical assembly of the 5th Belocal oven in the Matozinhos-MG unit. This is the largest lime kiln from BELOCAL. It was the beginning of a strong partnership that earned MCM its presence in 02 other works with Belocal.
Conveyor system assembly to load the ships at VALE's port in Vitória-ES.
MCM's biggest logistical challenge and best accomplished yet. MCM began its work with the erection of the washing building and for its good performance remained in Alcoa's mine in Juruti for 05 years with its maintenance contract.
In 2009 MCM Metal Mecânica was founded, with an area of ​​65,000m², located in the city of Escada - PE. The unit responsible for the manufacture of spools, boilers and operational support activities of MCM Montagens Industriail
Alongside Odebrecht, MCM has performed electromechanical assembly services for tanks and weaving machines at PQS / CITEPE.
One more successful work is concluded as a result of the Crown X MCM partnership, where the electromechanical assembly of another complete production line was carried out, this time in the city of Ponta Grossa-PR.
MCM is certified to ISO: 14001 and OSHAS 18001 Standards.
In 2014 MCM Montagens Industriais was in 07 cement production units on the North – Northeast of Brazil with assembly. Among them, Elizabeth Cimentos, Brennand Cimentos and Mizu.
After nearly two decades of history, the MCM brand has taken over its main line of work, leaving Constructions and Assemblies behind, and adopting Industrial Assemblies.
MCM completes 20 years of history, developing major projects, transforming people. Always delivering the best results.
In the first half of 2017 MCM delivered one of the largest parts ever manufactured by MCM Metal Mecânica, the T 2403 Final Absorption Tower, manufactured in record time of 18 days and installed for the customer Galvani Fertilizantes, in Luiz Eduardo Magalhães - BA.
Electromechanical assembly and manufacturing of the utility system of the new automotive battery factory - Unit 10 - of the Moura Group, located in Belo Jardim - PE, a successful partnership with satisfaction guarantee for both parties


Our mission is to offer engineering solutions for industrial deployment, expansion and maintenance, meeting the expectations of stakeholders, contributing to the industrial development of the country.


Be a national reference company in its segment, being known and chosen as the best for both customers and employees.

Basic Values

To support our Vision, we have outlined our Core Values, which are the essence of our business and which guide the conduct of everyone who is part of MCM, creating a reliable foundation in relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Management system

Meet our integrated management system

MCM operates with an Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health.

Quality Management at MCM operates under the essence of integration, high organization standards, communication and innovation, based on the pillars: People, Processes and Technology, valuing preventive action as a pursuit of excellence.

MCM has a Project Management Office (PMO), which aims to increasingly improve the performance of projects executed by the company, thus promoting the performance cycle according to PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology: organization culture, organizational structure, people and skills, processes and methodologies, tools and technologies. Acting tactically through experts linked to the most relevant sectors, providing the best use of our managers’ time to make strategic decisions related to our business.

It is in this line that MCM Quality Management operates, implementing improvement projects to all parties involved, making the processes more coherent and adjusted so the efforts are directed on the performance of the services provided, resulting in Quality and Satisfaction in maintenance and industrial assembly.

Workplace Safety, Environment and Occupational Health are important values at MCM. The Company recognizes the importance of minimizing environmental impacts and the risks of accidents in the activities developed by our employees. For MCM, accident prevention is at the same level of production, time and cost priority, and alongside with environmental responsibility, it aims to promote the sustainable development of its activities.

The pursuit of consistent and up-to-date SMS management in accordance with the needs of the parties involved in our activities provides a solid-based corporate maturity generating increasingly significant results.


Quality Management, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health

MCM is Certified on ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Standards for Quality Management, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.

Quality Management

Industrial Electromechanical Assemblies and Maintenance.

Occupational Safety, Environment and Health

Administrative support services to the company’s operational activities (Industrial Electromechanical Assembly and Maintenance Services).

* Requirement 8.3 of NBR ISO 9001: 2015 is not part of the scope of MCM Industrial Assemblies.